Our Story

Black Sands Brewery began with a thirst, a revelation, a desire for high quality craft beers and most importantly, a place to share with friends.

Grown with inspiration by beers from far away lands, Mattia began brewing at home and after plenty of time testing beers on his friends and family, he brewed up what worked and the rest was the beginning of beer history in Bali.

What happens next in this tale of beers, friends and surfing? The handy machinery arrives, sparkling, new, beautiful & BIG. Then a building goes up with a panoramic view over the vast rice fields, the kitchen sparks to life, a beer garden grows and finally, a revelation is realised and there is a place to come together and celebrate good beer with good friends that is Black Sand Brewery.

The vision was to establish Bali’s first craft brewery, based around a shared food concept. Not only are we brewing the best beer in Bali but our food is definitely worth paying a visit for too! Top quality food and top quality beer. A better combination is yet to exist. 

Although beer has been around in Indonesia, Black Sand Brewery encapsulated everything beer lovers dream about. The first real craft brewery in Indonesia, focusing on quality, friends and giving people an experience in the unknown world of craft beer in Bali.  

Image by Alexey Marchenko


He is an Energetic Surfer with a burning passion for surfing and good beer. The Head Brewer, boss and purveyor of all things beer. Brains of the operation and mastermind of good beer. 



An Executive Chef whose craft is fuelled by his passion for perfection. From the Roman lands to the serene Balinese paradise, he based himself here on this island to passionately be apart and advocate for all things food, beer, and surf.



Originally his roots lay in the kitchen as a Executive Pastry Chef later finding

ground in the operational side of business. Quickly rising to the challenges and becoming the first Craft Beer Brewery General Manager in Indonesia.

The Black Sand Brewery is more than just beer, it’s a way of life. It’s good food, good people, and good times. It is a thriving community of like-minded beer enthusiasts, foodies and lovers of life; a little cheeky, a little nice, and a whole lot of fun! 

Built on the philosophy that beer is for sharing, we are more than just a brewery, but rather, a binding force bringing the people together.

That’s Black Sand in a glass. Never perfect, because we’re always looking but never fail to keep moving on. 

The Black Sand Brewery began with a enthusiastic thirst, a true revelation, a genuine desire for high quality craft beers, and most importantly a place to share with friends.