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Black Sand Brewery is founded on the belief that beer is best enjoyed with good company. We are more than just a brewery - we are a unifying force that brings people together. The ultimate vision was to create Bali's premier craft brewery that would be founded on a shared culinary concept. Not only do we craft the best beer in Bali, but our food is just as noteworthy, creating an unbeatable combination of premium beer and exceptional cuisine.

Our Story


The inception of the Black Sand Brewery was born out of an insatiable thirst, a genuine revelation, and an unwavering desire for crafting top-notch beers - all of which needed a place to be shared with kindred spirits. Today, we remain true to our core values and strive relentlessly to produce the most outstanding brews that are nothing short of exceptional. Whether you are a novice to Black Sand or a long-time patron, we wholeheartedly invite you to raise a glass and join us in this thrilling journey.

Founder Mattia embarked on a quest to create his own unique brews after finding inspiration from the world around him - testing and perfecting each concoction with family and friends until he crafted something truly extraordinary! He went even further and brought in brand new machinery to create an amazing brewery that overlooks Bali's stunning rice fields, complete with its own picturesque beer garden.

After months of tireless efforts constructing an incredible building with its own beer garden, the moment has finally arrived to invite your closest friends and discover what makes Black Sand so unique. The kitchen is now bustling with activity, and the beer garden is in full bloom, ultimately bringing to fruition a realization that there is indeed a place to gather and celebrate good beer and great friends, and that is none other than Black Sand Brewery.

Image by Alexey Marchenko


He is an Energetic Surfer with a burning passion for surfing and good beer. The Head Brewer, boss and purveyor of all things beer. Brains of the operation and mastermind of good beer. 



An Executive Chef whose craft is fuelled by his passion for perfection. From the Roman lands to the serene Balinese paradise, he based himself here on this island to passionately be apart and advocate for all things food, beer, and surf.

Although beer has been around in Indonesia, Black Sand Brewery epitomizes everything that beer enthusiasts dream about. It is the first true craft brewery in Indonesia that focuses on providing an experience in the enigmatic world of craft beer in Bali, emphasizing quality, camaraderie, and friendships.

Our objective is to produce high-quality craft beers that can be enjoyed by all. While we always strive to be the best, we never lose sight of what is truly important - friends and good times.

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