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What's cooking?

Chef Angelo's latest addition to the specials menu is The Triple Trouble. Skewers inside a soft warm bao bun. Easy bites and satisfaction alike

The Kitchen

From the historic harbor city of ancient Rome to the green enigmatic rice fields of Bali, Angelo Tellini cultivated himself humbly in the world of gastronomy and culinary cuisine delight. Here we uncover the story behind our Chef here at Black Sand Brewery.


"Specifically, I come from Ostia, Rome in Italy. I was always fond of the ocean because I grew up in this part of Italy where it has ancient Roman heritage and is a great place for the summertime by the Tyrrhenian Sea. My father was a lifeguard and also a fisherman, and during my summers when I had free time, I would spend long hours at the beach. That is why I really love seafood as well in general, and it is one of my favorite things to work with in the kitchen. "



Radici means roots in Italian. This is exactly where it all started for Chef Angelo, born Italian now he sharpens his knives in Bali to give you an entirely sensory dining experience.

Chef Angelo Black Sand Brewery
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