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How do I order?

1. We have mutliple ways to order, the easiest being through Whatsapp (+62 81237542129), that way delivery becomes hassle free. 

2. You can also order through online, this is an easy to get your first "browler" and get started. We will send you a confirmation message, through whatsapp or regular phone number and find you.

I don't know my address?

That's fine, this is why we require your phone number. We will start a conversation with you on WhatsApp and you can simply pin your location and we'll find you. Easy as that!

How do I Refill?

You can refill by using the GoJek platform, send us your bottle, and we will deliver you your growler. If you don't have gojek, you can either stop by the brewery and purchase a refill or give us a call (+62 81237542129) to figure something out.

Outside of Canggu?

No worries, we can arange a GoJek for delivery! 

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