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Our mission is to make the best beer possible, and we need your help to do so! How? Sample 4 of our beers, rate and review them and once you’re done, hand the Tasting Note Form back in and receive a FREE pint of your choice! We will compile all this data to create a community brew which we will invite you to come and try once it launches via email. Kind of a tasting session, definitely a good time!


Current amount of opinions


till we start brewing!

BEER BREW THRUSDAY_DSC01482_August 25, 2021.jpg

1000 Opinions 
1000 Litres of Beer

How does it work?

1. Tell your waitress that you would like to do a tasting session. 

2. We will provide you with a tasting pallet and a tasting note form.

3. Complete the form, give it to our cashier, and you shall receive a FREE pint of your choice. 

4. When ready, we will contact you via email to be the first person to come and try the community brew!

We get your thoughts, and you get a free pint. It’s a simple as that. 

Please try to rate the beer to the best of your ability.

Follow the process @blacksandbrewery

Join The Community Brew!
Make a reservation with us. 

BEER BREW THRUSDAY_DSC01538_August 25, 2021.jpg
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